The Laboratory of Natural Bioregulators

Head: IVANOVA Raisa, PhD in technical science, associate professor
Laboratory of Natural Bioregulators was created by Professor CHINTEA Pavel in 1990













Laboratory staff:

1.    MAȘCENKO Natalia, PhD in chemistry, research coordinator
2.    ELISOVEȚCAIA Dina, PhD in biology, research coordinator
3.    BOROVSKAIA Alla, researcher
4.    POPOVSCHI Ecaterina, chemist
5.    LUȚCAN Elena, biologist
6.    ȚAPUCHEVICI Valentina, laboratory technician

Research directions:

  • Identification of plant sources to obtain of biologically active substances (growth regulators, antioxidants, biopesticides, antiviral substances) and natural food coloring;
  • Obtaining extracts containing the biologically active substances, purification and determination of the active principles of extracts or preparations in various preparative forms (liquid or dry extract, polymer bioconjugate, essential oils);
  • In vitro and in vivo testing of biological activities of obtained extracts and isolated compounds as plant growth regulators, antioxidants and biopesticides;
  • Development of procedures for obtaining of new natural preparations with biological activity and their application in ecological agriculture, silviculture and food industry.

Research materials:

Linaria spp., Veronica spp., Verbascum spp., Carthamus tinctorius, Juniperus spp., Fagus sylvatica, Juglans regia, Phytolacca americana and other plant species as sources of biologically active substances with perspective of utilization in agriculture, silviculture and food industry.

National projects:

2020-2023 “Determining the parameters that characterize the resistance of plants with the different level of organization to the action of extreme temperatures in order to reduce the effects of climate change”, project manager DASCALIUC A., Professor.
2015-2019 “Study of chemical structure and biological activity of bioregulators of vegetative origin, both native and immobilized on polymeric supports, for utilization in plant growing technologies”, project manager IVANOVA R, PhD.

International projects:
2019-2020 „SAVE BEES: Save endangered bees to improve nutrition, health and life quality of human”, (”), project coordinator BRINDZA J., PhD (Slovakia).
2017-2018 “Neglected and Underutilized Species in the Socio-Economic Aspects of Rural Development”, (, project coordinator BRINDZA J, PhD (Slovakia).
Bilateral cooperation Slovakia – Moldova
2019-2020 “Biopesticides for pests’ management in organic farming”, project manager ELISOVEȚCAIA D., PhD.
Program “Commune initiative of research and development” ASM &STCU
2016-2018 STCU 6093 “Biological, chemical and biotechnological researches of Carthamus spp. plants” project manager IVANOVA R., PhD.

Relevant results:

The preparations MOLDSTIM, ECOSTIM, PAVSTIM and MESTIM have been elaborated, standardized, certified and implemented in plant cultivation technologies as regulators of plant growth and development. The preparations are harmless to the environment, greatly increase crop productivity and plant tolerance to adverse weather conditions and disease.
Recommendations have been developed and published on the application of natural growth regulators in the cultivation technology of cereals and vegetables.

Innovative aspects:

1.    MAȘCENCO, N.; LUPASCU, G.; GUREV, A.; BARBA, A.; GORICIOI, E.; GAVZER, S. Procedeu de tratare a grâului de toamnă contra Fuzarium oxysporum. Brevet de invenție MD 819. 2015-05-31
2.    IVANOVA, R.; TATAROV, P. Procedeu de obținere a compușilor antioxidanți din pielița de miez de nucă (Juglans regia L.). Brevet de inventive MD 835. 2015-07-31.
3.    BOROVSKAIA, A.; POLTAVCENCO, I.; MAȘCENCO, N.; IVANOVA, R.; BOTNARI, V. Procedeu de tratare a semințelor de ceapă comună înainte de semănat. Brevet de invenție MD 893. 2015-11-30.
4.    BOROVSKAIA, A.; MAŞCENCO, N.; BOTNARI, V.; GUMANIUC, A.; VASILACHI, Iu.; POLTAVCENCO, I. Procedeu de tratare a semințelor de morcov înainte de semănat. Brevet de invenție MD 922, 2016.04.30.
5.    MAŞCENCO, N.;  GUREV, A.; COZARI, E.; CRIVENCOV, L.; BESPALICO, L.; BALASOVA, I.; CHIRILOV, E. Procedeu de tratare a semințelor de salata verde. Brevet de invenție MD 957, 2016.05.31.
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Relevant publications:

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